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The ISO 29119 series of standards aims to define an internationally agreed set of standards for software testing that can be used by any organization when performing any form of software testing


It provides a framework for software testing that is applicable to all types of software systems, ensuring a quality approach to testing, improving communication, and providing a basis for professional development and certification


Adopting ISO 29119 helps organizations ensure the quality and reliability of their software products through standardized testing practices. It enhances the testing process, reduce defects, and improves the overall quality and reliability of software. Additionally, it provides a professional benchmark for software testers, enhancing career opportunities and professional development

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As the first accredited training provider for ISO 29119 in Indonesia, offers unparalleled expertise and resources in the field of software testing. Their training and certification programs are designed to equip IT professionals with the latest skills and knowledge in software testing standards. SQUADAP’s commitment to quality and their comprehensive approach to training and development make them the ideal choice for professionals seeking to advance their careers in software testing.

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