Introducing SQUADAP Labs

The First IT Virtual Lab in Indonesia

Who should use SQUADAP Labs ?

  • Quality Assurance

  • Developers

  • Students

  • Company who wants to upskills their employees

  • Tech Academy

  • Anyone who wants to upskills and reskills

Why SQUADAP Labs ?

Benefits for IT Students and Professional

  • Easy to Use

    Learn new IT applications / tools without the difficulties to install and configured

  • No Install Required

    New playground to add new coding / QA skills. Play away, no need to worry it will messed up your personal computer / device

  • Tablet and Mobile Phone Support

    You don't need to have a super high specifications computer / laptop to learn new skills. It even works on your mobile phone browser!

Benefits for Company / Tech Academy

  • Costs Effective

    Squadap Labs can help reduce costs and time for new technology research and development

  • Configurable and Scalable

    Squadap Labs can be configure and scaleable based on business needs

  • No Maintenance Required

    Cheaper overhead for maintenance

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